• Maintenance request services for devices, which are separate from the warranty coverage maintenance services. • Receipt and delivery takes place by opening a maintenance ticket (independent service) • The maintenance summit is determined after examining the device • The repair of the device is started when the customer accepts the price and pays the value through the site’s payment gateway. • The examination takes up to three working days, and in case there is no The availability of the required spare parts, the expected time to complete the service is from 7 to 14 working days • Saving data and information is the responsibility of the customer. Examination of the devices requires erasing the customer’s systems, contents and data before your visit to the maintenance center for full warranty • We are not responsible for the loss of information and its retrieval. • In order for us to serve you as required, the iCloud account must be disengaged and disengaged upon delivery of the device. We inform you that the device will not be accepted in the event that the device is not / cannot be disengaged • Full warranty will not be responsible for any accessories installed on the devices, for example, but not limited to: Screen protection • The customer is not entitled to claim the device or compensation if it is not received within thirty days of informing the customer or ninety days from the date the device was delivered to the maintenance center • These provisions change and differ according to the maintenance services and the maintenance report related to the maintenance center
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