Full warranty service center

 General provisions for requesting maintenance service at the warranty center complete

If you are subscribed to the full warranty package, you can request maintenance service through your account on the full warranty website

If you did not subscribe to the full warranty package and would like to request a maintenance service, you can open a new account to request the service

The devices are repaired and maintained through the factory’s agent centers, which maintains the factory warranty. Service requests, receipt and delivery are made through the support center by calling the toll-free number 8001111980

The maintenance value is determined after checking the device and the agent’s maintenance center report

The repair of the device begins after the customer agrees on the price and pays the value

The examination takes up to three working days. In the event that the required spare parts are not available, the expected time to complete the service is from 7-14 working days

Preserving data and information is the responsibility of the customer, and checking the devices requires erasing the systems, contents, and data of the customer

The Complete Warranty Center is not responsible for the loss and recovery of information

In order for us to serve you as required, it is necessary to disable and disengage the iCloud account upon delivery of the device. We inform you that the device will not be accepted if it is not/cannot be disengaged

The customer is not entitled to claim the device or compensation if it is not received within thirty days of notifying the customer or ninety days from the date of handing over the device to the maintenance center

These provisions change and differ according to the maintenance services and the maintenance report related to the maintenance center at the full warranty